Wedding Photographer’s Editing Guide


Have you been slogging slowly through your edits, endlessly tweaking your shots trying to figure out how other photographers are making their digital photos look so much like film? Then this is the guide for you. I shoot Fuji400h film on a medium format camera and use The Archetype Process Fuji profiles to edit my digital images. My wedding galleries are a mixture of film and digital images. It saves me money and my clients can’t tell the difference!

Here, I walk you step by step through how exactly I edit. This guide includes:
▫️my hybrid editing workflow
▫️common edits I make to film scans
▫️instructions for editing using The Archetype Process profiles with screenshots
▫️the fastest way to dial in skin tones
▫️the one tool that’s all you need to fix your greens
▫️how I get that perfect pop of contrast without muddying skin tones
▫️AND 7 tips for quickly making your digital images look more like film
▫️BONUS: 6 video tutorials in various lighting and scenes throughout a wedding day!



This guide will fast track you to getting your digital images to look like photos taken on Fuji400H film using The Archetype Process profiles. It includes detailed instructions for our editing workflow, common edits for film scans, step by step instructions for matching digital to film, and tips for making your digital images look more like film. Don’t miss the six additional video tutorials demonstrating how to edit digital to match film in various lighting scenarios throughout a wedding day!

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