Finding Your Light Guide


The number one thing that will improve your portrait photography is learning to understand lighting. Have you ever wondered why you aren’t able to edit your photos to look a certain way? Why it seems like other photographers are getting flattering skin tones on their subjects, but you simply don’t know how it’s done? This is the guide for you! This simple guide will walk you through common lighting scenarios you might encounter when shooting a wedding or engagement session, and show you where to place your subjects to optimize the lighting before you even click the shutter. Then when it comes time to edit your image, you’ll be able to more easily achieve flattering skin tones making editing a breeze! After reading through this guide you will understand:
▫️what natural reflectors are and how to use them
▫️how to make the sun work in your favor
▫️why cloudy lighting isn’t as simple as it seems
▫️what to look for indoors
▫️AND two simple lighting diagrams for off-camera setups during receptions!
You’ll be able to take away simple lighting rules that you can implement immediately whether your subject is a floral centerpiece or your bride and groom.



If you’ve been wondering how to get the most flattering photos of your subjects, the most important step is to find your light! This guide walks through common lighting scenarios that you may encounter on a wedding day, and describes where to place your subjects for the best skin tones. Two simple reception lighting diagrams are provided for a quick off-camera setup.

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