Paris Bridal Session

May 6, 2018

It is no wonder that Paris has long held a mystique for artists of all varieties.  Bountiful in culture and rich in history and pride, it is a haven for dreamers the world over.  This veritable cornucopia of inspiration seemed ripe for a shoot inspired by that magical sliver of time, when autumn’s cool embrace begins to rain upon the last dregs of summer’s heat.  The architecture of the Louvre seemed a perfect complement to this aesthetic, combining the cold grandeur of its plentiful archways and marble details with the warm texture of sandstone.

The soft lace of the gown and the feminine grace of the calligraphy on textured parchment further emphasized the duality of this moment in time, as they contrasted with the hard and imposing stonework that dominates the Paris streets.  The gentle fall of rain, a harbinger of the changing of seasons, played beautifully off the bold greens of Jardin de Tuileries and the late-summer palette florals. The yearning tension between the seasons was palpable in the moody morning grays with the vibrancy of summer growth.

The bride’s soft and romantic updo, accentuated with a delicate gold beaded hairpiece, promised the coming richness of the harvest, while this gold motif in the gown and shoes continued in a playful remembrance of the frivolous joy of summer. Her neutral makeup allowed for her innate beauty to shine through, a playful reminder of the natural even among the most striking artifacts of human handicraft, and with the rest of the scene, the powerful magic inherent in the coming of autumn.

“Je jouis infiniment Je la beauté douce et tranquille de cette fin d’été, de ce début d’automne. Il y a, en cette saison, un parfum de mélancolie émouvante, suave, dont je me sens profondément imprégné. J’ai l‘impression qu’en cette saison quasiment crépusculaire, les âmes sont meilleures et les cœurs plus sensibles.” -from Paroles de Poilus, 1917, Henry Lange


“I enjoy infinitely I the soft and tranquil beauty of this late summer, this early autumn. There is, at this season, a perfume of moving melancholy, sweet, of which I feel deeply imbued. I have the impression that in this almost crepuscular season, souls are better and hearts more sensitive.”

As seen in Dear Gray Magazine Issue 4!

Photography and Design: Whiskers and Willow Photography | MUAH: Onorina Jomir Beauty | Model: Victoria from Mademoiselle | Stationary: Epoch Design | Dress: Gossamer | Shoes: Bella Belle Shoes | Hair accessories: Romantic Art Life | Film scans: Richard Photo Lab


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