Ethereal Seaside Bridesmaid Inspiration

December 17, 2015

This seaside bridesmaids shoot is an ode to the ladies that make a bride’s wedding day so special. It started as a DIY project us, who arranged the florals, and Elona, who elegantly draped fabric into beautiful gowns. We wanted to call attention to the significance of having bridesmaids standing by your side on the day of your union. As some of your closest friends and confidants, these women make you feel free – free to be who you are, and free to love. The trails of fabric escaping in the ocean breeze are reflective of that feeling of freedom. And the wild bouquets further signify an untamed beauty in the happiness that this freedom brings. Your ladies are there for you, to help you through rough times, and on your wedding day they support you and assist behind the scenes to make sure you and your love have the best and most beautiful day. We hope that this shoot not only inspires others to see what they can create with their own hands, but to also recognize those around them who have supported them in their journey.

This shoot was featured on Burnett’s Boards:

Photography, Styling, and Florals : Whiskers and Willow Photography | Gowns: Elona Rista | Models: Elona, Stephanie, and Starr

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